Titanfall 2 looks really good! Coming to PS4, Xbone and PC and now has a single player campaign.

Mass Effect Andromeda is still in development. Bugger all gameplay; people are pissed. I’m sure it’ll be good when it arrives.

EA is being charitable? Set up ‘Play to Give’ foundation.

FIFA 17 apparently has a story mode now. Coming up from the gutter, and all that.

EA has a thing like UbiArt division called ‘EA Originals’. First game ‘Fe’ from Zoink studios in Gothenburg – expressionist painting-style platformer about nature etc. Looks alright.

Rubbish Star Wars montage: Amy Hennig is working hard on Star Wars RPG but pretty much nothing to show thus far.

Battlefield 1 looks grim, grimy and awesome. Looking forward to seeing the route they go with the story mode. Hope they can keep things tasteful.

No ‘Burnout: Big Bang’. No racing games at all. No Skate 4.

Rating: 6/10



Return of the arena shooter as Quake Champions looks awesome but it’s only for PC.

Skyrim ‘Special Edition’ (PS4 Xbone) looks good, but Bethesda are still cranking that ancient engine.

Prey reboot? Yep, well on board for any psychological horror sci-fi romp.

Bethy (kind of) bringing demos back with free chance to play first level of DOOM this week.

Elder Scrolls Online – more bollocks.

Bethesda VR – Fallout 4 and DOOM. Roaming the wasteland could be fun for a few hours.

Dishonoured 2 was a bit underwhelming and looks clunky as all hell. Clipping galore!

No TES VI and no new Wolfenstein, boo-urns.

Rating: 4/10

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