Gran Turismo, Shadow of War and Super Mario Odyssey



S2E19 (Super Mario Odyssey, Shadow of War, Gran Turismo Sport, Paris Games Week)

This time on the OCG Show, Reagan Harper: homeowner, Abe gets hands-on with a Nintendo Switch by way of a dodgy deal at a BP service station, and Paris Games Week reveals a bunch of cool shit.



03:37 Reagan’s on the move

08:35 Nintendo Switch (you got what I need)


What We’ve Been Playing

16:13 Super Mario Odyssey

30:35 Shadow of War

37:52 The Evil Within 2

45:18 Gran Turismo Sport


Movies In General

56:29 Moana



Paris Games Week trailers

1:04:33 Last of Us Part II

1:14:35 Detroit

1:16:20 Ghost of Tsushima

1:19:14 Marvel’s Spider-Man

1:21:17 Guacamelee 2!

1:21:59 Spelunky 2

1:22:45 Concrete Genie

1:24:56 Hong Kong Massacre

1:27:14 Onrush

Born and bred in the heart of King Country, NZ, Reagan had but one thing to do with his time: game.