A Few Thoughts on Nintendo Direct

Nintendo Direct

Nintendo’s first Direct for the year has been and gone and as per usual, we’re happy and confused. From that game super keen on sushi, to Crash Bandicoot’s historic move east, the half hour presentation left us some disgustingly solid fat to chew.

Here’s a few of our favourite announcements from the show

Abe – Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (Switch)

We still don’t know what Retro Studios are up to, and I’d die an excruciating death if it wasn’t, in some way, linked to bananas and grunting. Magic ape balls aside, I grinned like a lunatic when Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker was announced for Switch. Like a lot of the world, I never owned a Wii U and due to that poor bit of decision making, I’m sure I dodged a sizable chunk of happiness. We’ve Triple As for Africa this year, so a low-stakes puzzle game about a mushroom bloke and a bunch of walking is all I really need.

Balthazar – Super Smash Bros. (Switch)

I love Nintendo. Their first party characters are the best in the business. Even Pierce Brosnan felt like a more fleshed-out human after taking up residence on the N64. So, what’s the best thing to do when you harbour the most beloved roster of original characters? Make. Them. Fight! Super Smash Brothers is the only crossover I’m interested in and its continuation as one of the most beloved Nintendo franchises pleases me to no end. The announcement of a Switch version of Smash, along with a 2018 release date, made it all be for something.

Reagan – Mario Tennis Aces (Switch)

I never owned a Wii but I did enjoy the novelty of haphazardly slinging around a small chunk of plastic to control a character. I’m pumped to relive those Wii Sports memories by way of more flailing in Mario Tennis. Bowser can choke on a Piranha Plant. I’m coming for him.

Watch the whole presentation:

Born and bred in the heart of King Country, NZ, Reagan had but one thing to do with his time: game.