A Robot Presents: A History of Video Games

I’ve been mucking about with neural networks. Turns out, machine learning is a hell of a lot of fun, though I’m happy to admit I don’t understand most of it. By gum, if it isn’t a good time to whack a plain text document of 10,000 video game titles into a machine and see what comes out!

If video games past was rewritten by robots, we’d have a few more niche The Sims expansion packs, a mid-90s Lord of the Rings Gameboy Advance game, and something called Silent Fun.

Culling the complete gibberish, below is an abridged list of a robotic attempts at video game titles.

SPOILERS: it gets weird.

(Thanks to Minimaxir on Github for the fun little tool and Robots on Typewriters for the idea).


Video Games: A History

Super Mario Bone (1999, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd. (PlayStation 2)
The Lord of the Formula (1996, Activision Publishing, Inc.) (Game Boy Color)Black Pack
The Scrolls of Falcon (2007, Unknown Publisher(s)) (Windows)
Losth and the Classic Complete (2012, Sierra Entertainment, Inc.) (Windows)
Sandy of the Command (2008, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd.)
Rope Ltd. (PlayStation 2)

Job Map Pack (2007, Negapon Inc.) (Windows)
Space Healr (1985, Capstone Software, Inc.) (DOS)
Alien For (1991, H-Star Games Inc., SEGA Corporation) (Nintendo DS)
Shooting (1997, Banpresto Europe SA) (DOS, Genesis, SNES)
Phubel Baseball (1987, Chiffwest) (Linux, Macintosh, Windows)
Your (1987, Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd.) (Amiga, Amiga CD32)

Darkness Off (Limited Edition) (2001)
Ionigateries in Semestroids (1991, N-Radase) (Amiga)
Alrial II (2009, Blue Red Games) (Windows)
The Shadows of the Shadows (1996, SoftKey Multing Co.) (Amiga, Atari ST)
The Secret of the Final (1992, Softgold Computerspiele GmbH) (Amiga)
Descentian (1996, Magnavox, Philips Interactive Media International Ltd.) (Amiga, Atari ST)
Donkey Kingdom (1995, Sierra On-Line, Inc.) (DOS

Pearpins (1987, Masaya) (FM Towns, PC-98)
The Complete 1985 (1988, Budgie UK) (Atari ST)
Bone (1990, Softgold Computerspiele GmbH) (DOS)
Sinclair Commander (1991, Commodore) (Amiga, Atari ST)
Bud Deluxe (1991, Electroc, Electronic Arts, Inc.) (DOS, Macintosh)
Gun the Sims 2: The Secret of the Control (2004, Capcom Co., Ltd., Capcom Entertainment, Inc.) (Game Boy Advance)
Shark Expansion (2009, Unknown Publisher(s)) (Browser)

Purpator: The Camela 2 (1997, Electronic Arts, Inc.) (Windows)
Worlds of Forever Combat (1988, Ciega Interactive, Russobit-M) (GameCube, Macintosh, Palm OS)
Firefire III (2009, Unknown Publisher(s)) (DOS)
Cup Home A O-Way (2007, Global Software Publishing Limited) (Game Boy Advance)
Abrabeand 2005 (2008, Nyntocox Games) (Windows)
Holf (1990, Unknown Publisher(s)) (Commodore PET/CBM)
Omeno Dawn of War II: Songstotants (2001, Electronic Arts, Inc.)

East USA, Inc., (Electronic Arts LLC) (Windows)
The Sims 2: The Legend of the Story (2004, Atari, Inc., Electronic Arts, Inc.) (GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox)
Mark of the Monsters (1995, Black Legend Ltd.) (DOS)
Command & Conquer: Red All Town (2008, Big Fish Games, Inc, Game F
Death or Alive (1986)

The Lord of the Rings (1995, Limited, Activision Publishing, Inc.) (Game Boy Advance)
James Basketball (Unknown Publisher)
Dead Story (2006, 1C Company, Got Game Entertainment, LLC, Russobit-M) (Windows)
Dead & Battle (1983, Atari, Inc., MicroProse Software, Inc., MicroProse Ltd.) (DOS, Windows)
Space Dredd (1989, Mattel Electronics) (Intellivision)
Pinball Mayhem: The Nightmare of the Crystal (1993, Technos Japan C)

The Legend of Kill (1989, Panasonic Interactive Media, Microsoft Corporation) (Windows)
Cabela’s Batman: The Simon Yorn (2004, Bandai-Namco)
Street Rider (2006, Focus Home Interactive SAS) (Nintendo DS)
Super Monkey Ball (1984, Mastertronic Ltd.) (Commodore 64)
The Buster (1992, MicroProse Software, Inc., Microprose)

Private Power (1993, Electronic Arts, Inc.) (DOS)
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Crasheon (1992, SEGA Enterprises Ltd.) (Genesis)
King’s Illusion (2012, Enkorce Software) (Windows)
Scudwar (1986, Turtle Busso) (Amiga)
Universal Creation: Sorect F-1959 (2005, Sierra Entertainment, Inc.)

Jungle Sarms (1990, NEC Interchannel, Ltd.) (MSX)
Down Xpook (1996, Microforum International) (NES)
Batman: Black Ops (1996, Sun Corporation of America) (Genesis, SNES)
Alarmille Antiques (1999)

Bio Bomberman Dismi: Shin Encounters (1986, CBS/Systems, Inc., Tervol, Inc., Malibu Games) (Game Boy Color)

PuHixic (2013, Worldstree Solications Publishing Company (1991, The Avalon Hill Game Companyvt Inc.) (PlayStation, SEGA Saturn)

Races: Ides of the Next IA (1996)
The Second Manager (1993, SEGA Enterprises Ltd., SEGA of America, Inc.) (Genesis)
The Lost Camp (1993, SEGA Enterprises Ltd., SEGA
Dead Rescue (1993, SEGA Enterprises Ltd., SEGA of America, Inc.) (Genesis)

The Humble Indie (2003, Activision Publishing, Inc., Activision Publishing, Inc., Activision Publishing, Inc., Activision Publishing, Inc., Activision Publishing, Inc., Activi

The Sims: The Lost Compilation (1997, Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc., Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd.) (PlayStation 3)

Metal Gear Solid: The Second Edition (2009, SEGA Corporation, SEGA Europe Ltd., SEGA of America, Inc.) (PlayStation 3, Windows, Xbox

360Medieval II (2003, SEGA Corporation, SEGA Europe Ltd., SEGA of America, Inc., Tec Toy Industria de Brinquedos S.A.)

The Sims: The Beast Expansion Pack (2007, Focus Home Interactive SAS) (Windows)

Ace of the Cry (1991, Philips Interactive Media International Ltd., Tandy Corporation) (Amiga, Atari ST)

Remas Nine: Battle for Monster (1995, Unknown Publisher(s)) (Amiga)
Kick Off 2: Sacred Twist (2005, KOCH Media GmbH) (Windows)
Crusader Keeper Golf (2010, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd.) (PlayStation 3)
Colors Complete Pack (2003, Ubi Soft Entertainment Software) (Windows)

Lancelot To Senki Sinclar (2002, Crave Entertainment, Inc.) (Game Boy Advance)
Dungeon Menono 3 (2004, Namco Limited, PA.T.V., RealArcade) (Windows)
Asterix Mysteries: Rampart Nine II – Reemu Shojo Toshe (1999)

Singstone 2 (2008, Mystery Services, Inc.) (PlayStation 2, Wii, Windows, Xbox 360)
Light Five (2010, Unknown Publisher(s)) (Xbox 360)
Aerobizo Disk 6 (1989, Unknown Publisher(s)) (DOS)
Teenage Multi (2013, Activision Publishing, Inc., Focus Home Interactive SAS) (Windows)

F America (Genesis, Wii, Windows)
Destroy (1991, Acclaim Entertainment, Inc., Acclaim Entertainment Ltd., Acclaim Japan, Ltd., Artworx Software Co, Inc., (Amiga, DOS)
The Lord of the Rings Online: Collector’s Edition (2007, Atari, Inc.) (Windows)

Super Mario Bros. 2 (1996, SEGA Enterprises Ltd., SEGA of America, Inc., Tec Toy Ind?stria de Brinquedos S.A.) (Genesis)
The Computer Collection (2008, Atari, Inc.) (Windows)
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 – Episode 1 – The Search for the Golden Adventures (2007, Activision Publishing, Inc.)
Star Trek: The Legend of the Shh

The Adventures of Mars (1995, New World Computing, Inc.) (DOS)
Airline Combat (1994, Philips Interactive Media International Ltd., SEGA of America, Inc.)
Kaizo Yakushu Kick: Dai-2 4 Hopdang Haunted Magical D. Park Blitzkror (1991, Bundesmine Software), (TurboGrafx CD)

The Sims 3: Convo War (2007, Activision Publishing, Inc.) (PlayStation 3, Windows, Xbox 360)
The Adventures of the World (1992, Software 2000) (Amiga)
The Balloon Challenge (1992, Accolade, Inc., Electronic Arts, Inc., Sold Out Sales & Marketing Ltd.) (Windows)
Napoleon’s Black Bass (1991, Hudson Soft Company, Ltd.) (TurboGrafx CD)
Super Mario Bros. Tomb (1995, SEGA Enterprises Ltd., SEGA of America, Inc.) (SEGA Master System)
Arcade Hoops (2006, Chillingo Ltd, Cryo Interactive Entertainment, Kalypso Media Di

Princess Monday (1992, Culture Brain Inc.) (FM Towns, PC-98)
Island: Total War – Global Person (2009, Rockstar Games, Inc.) (PlayStation 3, Windows, Xbox 360)
The Lord of the Real (1989, Atari, Inc., MicroProse Software, Inc., MicroProse Ltd.) (DOS, Macintosh, Windows, Windows 3.x)
Silent Fun (2009, 1C)

Harvest Mania (1991, Core Design Ltd.) (Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum)
Icebruark Championship 2100 (1999, Nintendo of America Inc., Nintendo of Europe GmbH) (Game Boy Advance)
Sagaber: Peter Tournament Challenge (1996, Black Legend Ltd., Anco Software Ltd., Mindscape, Inc.) (PC-98)
Scooby-Doo: Nocticle of Buzzard – Plantanager (1991, WizardWorks Software)
Handel (1983, Commodore Business Machines, Inc) (NES)

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