Five guys, two hemispheres, all the time in the world for video games.
In early 2016, in a tiny New Zealand cafe, three disillusioned office workers started to meet and chat about video games on their lunch break. Years on, Overcast Gamer boasts a total of five contributors (four Kiwis and one Kiwi-Brit) and hangs its hat in both Aotearoa and the United Kingdom.

Inspired by the likes of Easy Allies and VideoGamer, Overcast Gamer is video games content focused on information, honesty and a bit of a laugh. Since the company’s inception, it has gone on to produce
over 60 podcasts, publish countless reviews and articles, and post its European expansion, even cover events such as EGX, Rezzed and Gamescom.

The Overcast Gamer community is open to everyone and welcomes all gaming-based thoughts and opinions. Whether you’re a content junkie looking for the latest coverage, or a developer wanting a few more eyes on your upcoming release, you can find Overcast Gamer on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch and Youtube, or get in touch directly:

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Abe Foster (UK) Editor in Chief

Abe is an upbeat communicator and games industry encyclopaedia. He takes pride in having an unwavering passion for games, and an extensive knowledge of hundreds of titles, development studios and publishers around the world.

Abe wears many hats, serving as the site’s overall editor, managing the OCG brand and community, and hosting the celebrated podcast The Overcast Gamer Show.

Formerly a Community Manager for one of NZ’s largest games studios, Abe now lives in the United Kingdom, where he writes freelance game reviews, covers events, and enjoys a good wander down a canal.

Game: Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble!

Genre: Puzzler, platformer, point-and-click adventure

Most cherished system: SNES or PlayStation 2

Developer: 1990s RARE but nowadays, CD Projekt Red

Weird affinity: Music and rhythm games

Biggest triumph: Moving to Europe to “see what’s next”


Reagan Harper (AUS/NZ) Site Developer

Growing up in small town New Zealand, Reagan discovered his passion for gaming later than many. In his mid-teens, Reagan stumbled across a copy of Final Fantasy VII, after which he decided that exploring virtual worlds would be a far better use of his time than chasing a hoop with a stick down a dirt road.

Reagan lives with his partner and two cats on the outskirts of Wellington, New Zealand. He loves motorcycles, open worlds, and learning the ins and outs of how not to suck at building digital spaces.

Game: Red Dead Redemption

Genre: Open-world RPG

Most cherished system: PlayStation 2

Developer: Rockstar Games

Biggest heartbreak: the death of REDACTED in Final Fantasy VII

Balthazar Valentine (AUS/NZ) Video Producer

Balthazar is a self-appointed ‘realist’. RL or gaming, he prides himself on being pragmatic, and always wears his heart on his sleeve.

Since 2017, Balthazar has pledged allegiance to PC. However, if he had to pick otherwise, Nintendo would take it.

A jack-of-all-trades and master of ‘nada, Balthazar prefers anything into which he can sink hundreds of hours and have nothing to show for it at the end.

Game: Kingdom Under Fire
Most cherished system: Nintendo 64
Developer: Blizzard


Scott Wilson (UK) Camera Operator & Production Assistant

In 2017, Scott abandoned his GameCube, vast retro console collection and homeland for the dimmer skies but brighter opportunities of the United Kingdom. Working full-time in London, Scott’s gaming comes in the form of whenever he can squeeze in a few evening hours of ARK, Fortnite or Madden. He’s also partial to a good bout of Civilisation or Age of Empires HD when time permits.

Scott loves travelling around Europe with his wife, checking out events, concerts and comedy shows, and managing the Instagram account of his pug, Louie. 

Game: ARK: Survival Evolved
Genre: Real-time Strategy, Management Sim
Most cherished system: Nintendo GameCube
Developer: Epic Games