The First Three Hours of Octopath Traveler

I haven’t given my Switch much love recently. It’s a great machine and the purchase from a petrol station car park I least regret, but after Mario Odyssey was done, Shovel Knight didn’t quite gel and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker still feels years away (it’s actually out this month, I’m just impatient), my excitement for current-gen

E3 2018 Conference Times for New Zealand

E3 is all well and good but brains definitely take a beating. In between all the tears and yelling, not one of us has time for silly things things like time zone conversions! Worry not, friends. We've done the hard yards and below, features a round-up of all major press
Apples and Oranges

Assassin’s Creed: Origins vs Matt Hoffman

Join Abe for the first in a new series comparing video games to other video games. This time, the blistering deserts of Assassin's Creed: Origins vs the jaggy, tail-whipping tarmac of Matt Hoffman's Pro BMX.
Nintendo Direct

A Few Thoughts on Nintendo Direct

Nintendo's first Direct for the year has been and gone and as per usual, we're happy and confused. From that game super keen on sushi, to Crash Bandicoot’s historic move east, the half hour presentation left us some disgustingly solid fat to chew. Here’s a few of our favourite announcements from the

OCG Presents – Movies in a Minute!

In 2018, OCG continues to buck the trend of high quality video games journalism by not talking video games. Listen to Abe attempt to review 14 recent films in under sixty seconds. ...on Star Wars episode VIII: The Last Jedi: "I liked it a lot. Fell asleep once. Watched it

Lone Survivor: A Video Game Elimination Challenge

Three guys, fifty-ish franchises, one survivor. MORE... Remember when you first shot a portal gun, finally worked out that damned seagull puzzle or ascended the heights of a Mushroom Kingdom flagpole? What if none of that happened? Like eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (but with video games) join Abe,

The 2016 OCG Awards

The first annual OCG Awards were a rip-roaring success. What follows is a detailed list of all nominees, winners and er... losers. To see how things ended up here, make sure to check out the full discussion! Biggest Shit Show No Man’s Sky - Everything Arkham Collection - Graphical Downgrade Call

7 Days – Round 2 (video game quiz)

Video game quiz 7 Days And Up To But Not Exceeding Another 7 Days hits its stride in Round 2. Unfortunately, things grind to a halt when it's revealed no one knows anything.

6 Great Games That Came Out of Nowhere

We all love a good surprise and in this crazy world of digital homicide and 'forever early access', it's almost an event to be taken aback by a game. Be it a shoestring marketing budget preventing escape from the primordial ooze or simply an unexpected level of quality, some games give us such a shaking they