Meet the Team

Abe Foster – Site Editor & Podcast Producer

IMG_5884Abe is a surprisingly upbeat obsessive who struggles with any game deeper than it is long. He also hosts the Overcast Gamer Show – a fortnightly podcast that claims to be gaming related but often veers into extended discussions about the weather and other nonsense.

Abe claims to be aligned with Sony but can’t deny his roots as a lifelong Nintendo fan who previously owned an Xbox 360.

Reveling in gloom of all forms, a good dollop of existential dread is near perfection where Abe’s concerned. He also adores Donkey Kong.

Favourite game
: Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble!

Preferred genre: Puzzle, platformer, action-adventure

Most cherished system: SNES or PlayStation 2

Best developer: 1990s RARE but nowadays, Naughty Dog

Weird affinity: Dance music rhythm games a la DJ Hero and Amplitude

Biggest triumph: Beating Grand Theft Auto San Andreas with no cheats or ‘charted’ deaths

Balthazar Valentine – Content Junkie & Video Producer


Balthazar is a pessimist through and through. Real issues or gaming-related qualms, there’s no silver lining when he’s about.

Since just last year, Balthazar has pledged allegiance to elitist PC nonsense. If he had to pick otherwise, Nintendo would take the cake.

A jack-of-all-trades and master of diddly squat, Balthazar’s preference is anything he can sink hundreds of hours into and have nothing to show for it at the end.

Favourite game: Kingdom Under Fire

Preferred genre: RPG, JPRG, MMORPG

Most cherished system: Nintendo 64

Best developer: Blizzard

Guilty pleasure: Asura’s Wrath

Biggest regret: PSN name

Reagan Harper – Site Developer and PR Guy


Reagan’s been a casual gamer most of his life and only in the recent years, come to fully embrace his fascination.

Having survived his formative years in a small town in Taranaki King Country, where complete alienation was real should video games be mentioned in any social circle, Reagan now takes a great deal of joy in being able to openly talk games without the threat of ritual stoning.

He loves a good open world sandbox and also enjoys learning how not to suck at building websites.

Favourite game: Red Dead Redemption

Preferred genre: Open-world RPG

Most cherished system: PlayStation 2

Favourite developer: Rockstar Games (North and San Diego in particular)

Biggest heartbreak: Final Fantasy VII, when REDACTED died (still raw)

Gaming bugbear: Minecraft